Sunday, February 23, 2014

love drowns out fear

It’s been an epic whirlwind of a past couple of weeks, a whirlwind that has left fear by the wayside and spurred my heart to be fearless.  

Valentine's Day a hundred of students congregated under low lights of hearts hung from the ceiling, laughter and joy brimmed about the Ark (our basketball court). And I found myself on stage opening the night in prayer (in Spanish, a feat that I often can’t embrace) and then introducing the most hipster and the most fashion alongside a dear friend.

The next day, 88 students and teachers piled into two buses to celebrate the part of Valentine’s Day, that often goes overlooked in the States, to celebrate friendship and revel in the greatest picture we have of love, Jesus, Himself. 

Upon arrival, every student was split up into a group to be led by one of the four American interns that are making Morelia, Mexico home for a year…and yes, that included me, the ever-worrying, stressing girl that has a huge dislike for games.

But it happened. And you know what?

All these things have opened my eyes up to something grand,

That when I put my eyes on God, my heart knows no limits, that anything is possible.

A sigh of relief and a cup brimming over with joy is how my days end, because I rest in the certainty that my God is enough, He is always enough.

My key ring is a little heavier these days, too. I am now a proud renter of a house in Morelia, Mexico and it just goes to show you and I both, that the limits that we place upon ourselves are nothing in the grand scheme of things. It goes to show us both that settling is a choice that we make and nobody else can make the decision to settle for us.

So I moved and I’ve planted the seeds of my future, with the blessing of my sweet Maker. And my heart is full and giddy, because 10 years later I am living proof that when you hand over your dreams to God…he doesn’t discard them and pile them to collect dust, but works on them, he grows them and when it’s time- he let’s us walk into our dreams, dreams bigger than we could have ever imagined.

I have walked into my dream with a pair of keys on my key ring and a house that I have christened to be another piece of NOE, just a couple houses down, a house where His people can find rest.

Meanwhile, my classes have become more than class and I’ve found myself settled onto the concrete floor time and again, listening to the chorus of different stories and voices that make up my classroom, watching as they find themselves vulnerable among a class of sixteen other students…and that my dear ones is beauty, when you enter into something so much bigger than yourself. That is beauty.

And well, I’m surrounded by beauty and fear doesn’t have a hold on me these days. 

I’m immersed with the satisfaction of knowing that God is enough and He will always be enough. 

I'm astounded that "the more," I begged and pleaded for in torrents of tears at that high school retreat did not go unheard. He heard me and my life is now living proof that God does not discount your dreams, He instead draws them to life. 

If you are reading this and you would like to become part of my journey there's always room for support, love and prayers: 

As I mentioned above, I just moved into an apartment with a very dear friend and we have a lot of needs. We are still lacking a bed, a refrigerator, pots and pans and other things that are needed to make a house a home!