Thursday, January 24, 2013

Overcome the LIES

Lately, I have found a glorious community through limited characters. A community that depicts living in the shelter of each other. A community that speaks life into darkness, and chases the loneliness that often runs rampant out of our longing souls. I've found a community that resonates with this heart in transition, that refuses to define me by my past and reckons that God is good and faithful, and ever-present to hear my prayers. 

I've found a sisterhood, better yet, a family through Twitter, and I'm okay with this admission, because if I've learned anything- it's that God uses anything and everything to beg for our attention. 

He is unlimited, and while the bond may be created with 140 characters, there's no limit to where He will take us, on this side of Heaven. 

I know we are all so quick to judge social media and decry it for ruining our relationships, but I do think it can be a beacon of light in the loneliest of darkness. I think we can choose how it affects us and realize that God makes beautiful things out of everything, He makes beautiful things out of us. 

Every. Last. One. Of. Us. 

With all this being said, something beautiful that's come out of this sisterhood, is that I've been invited to take part in a campaign called Overcome the Lie

"Overcome the Lie is a social media campaign running January 28th to February 3rd. We are continuing to believe that Jesus is going to encounter our hearts and He is going to break off some of the lies we have believed. We are not held victim to the lies that we aren't beautiful or unloveable or never enough. We are more than conquerors and we get to rise above and believe the truth. 

You are beautiful. You are bold. You are brilliant. You are free." Ashley Beaudin
Many thoughts have accompanied this invitation. 
My past has risen up and caused truth to resound from the depths of my heart. 

Because I have overcome. I'm not through, not anywhere near having overcome all the lies that have deemed themselves my confidants. 

But at 25, I have overcome the lie, that confidence cannot be reckoned to me. 
I am worthy to believe that I'm worth it.

I can tell you that my heart has many homes. 
I have overcome the lie that I just get to have one.

I can tell you that two languages, fall from my tongue as second nature. 
I have overcome the lie that I must cling to self-doubt.

I can tell you I was built for loving people, being poured out upon His children beneath the Mexican sun. 
I have overcome the lie of my shyness. 

I can tell you that I can move to a foreign country, a city of a million, unknown to me.
I have overcome the lie that I am useless. 

I am not my past. I am not man's rejection. I am more than this. I am more than the lies that society seeks to define me with, because in their eyes I'm just a 25 year-old single girl, picking clothes off the floor with a college degree, that got me nowhere. 

But I know that is far from the case, because I'm a 25 year-old single woman, whose heart is kept in Mexico, whose fulfillment comes out of loving not one, but many. I'm a woman whose passion means more to me than just settling down with a man to revoke loneliness as my future.

I'm 25 with hundreds of dreams beckoning for my attention, with words brimming over my old-soul incessantly. 

I was made for more. I am worth more. 

I have overcome. 

What have you overcome, little heart? 

What lies are holding you back from living fully present, what's keeping you imprisoned, sweet soul?

God is good. God is faithful. He's got His arms open-wide, ready to take you home and out of this wilderness that's been keeping you for far too long. 

You can overcome. 
You will overcome. 

I'm certain of it. I'm with you in this, for the meantime, and I'll be sitting hand in hand with our Father on the other side to welcome you home and out of the lies. 

Fear has no hold on you, little one. Let's overcome. 
Let's walk out of this together, because you can overcome the lies. 


  1. I love you Kristen. You are gorgeous. Your heart emanates Jesus.

  2. Kristen~ What a wonderful post!! You are 25 but you are amazing! There's no age limit to God's greatness!! God has equipped you since the beginning when you gave your heart to Him. :) I love the things you are doing right now!

  3. Thank you! Thank you, darling ladies!
    All this encouragement leaves me speechless!

  4. Using the knowledge of what you have overcome as part of the inspiration to serve, especially oversees is all kinds of beautiful.