Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sleepless Airport Nights Make for Writing

A sleepless all-nighter in the airport has left my heart inspired, in need to write something, to write anything. 

I'm on the other side of four months serving with NOE International for the third time and as cliche as it might sound, this time has been the best yet. 

It hasn't been free from challenges, but I do think that is what makes these four months look so beautiful, because in the midst of the challenges- God has brought me out stronger. He has reminded me that He is all that I need to be certain of, that He is enough. 

If you ever told me that I would lose my heart to a country; I would have easily told you that you had lost your mind. 

If you had ever told me that one day I would be standing in front of a classroom sometimes forgetting that English is what I'm supposed to be speaking; I would have easily told you that would be impossible. 

You see, God has made the impossibilities into possibilities. 

He has used me, the unlikely, to do something bigger than I could have ever imagined.

The truth is, that since the first time I came to this unfamiliar He has changed parts of my heart entirely.

I speak up. I find myself spurred to branch out, instead of keeping to myself. I have something to give.

I sing. I find myself singing with a microphone in front of a hundred of people. I have a song to sing.

I teach. I find myself constantly seeking out ways to reach the harder to reach students. 

I administrate. I find myself being given more responsibilities and it thrills me. It absolutely thrills me. 

In these past four months, my heart has met so many dear students in need of love. I have been teaching seven classes and around ninety students per week. I've had conversations that I'm sure He entered into. I have spoken twice in youth group. I have been administering our child sponsorship program and I thankfully, amazingly finished sending out 250 Christmas cards to their sponsors and assigning new angels. 

I have been encouraged, because there's a peace here. There's a confidence that rests in my soul; it's no longer a labor to be here. Sure, it's work, but everyday I'm reminded of precisely why God has me here.  Dear ones, there's no greater feeling. I pray that you will find that kind of certainty with your passion; you deserve it. 

I could go on and on. There's so many sweet stories I have to tell you, but honestly there are some that are just sweeter to tell in person. So maybe our paths will cross soon, dear one. And if not, be expecting a little bit more of an update soon. Because for now the words are failing and the gratitude is brimming over. 

We just celebrated the Christmas season at the new NOE. The progress is breathtaking to see. The neighborhood that just months ago resisted our moving in, is now responding and showing up. 

We have officially been approved for the second round of construction at the new NOE. 

Two students have been baptized and our Monday night Bible Studies are growing. 

Oh, it's beautiful to be here. I'm overcome with gratitude. 

I'll be embarking on my third flight in two days. Next and last stop: Indiana for Christmas!