Tuesday, May 28, 2013

promises for the runaways

Your weak in the knees, your heart's bent for all it has seen.

And you stumble, yes, on the not-so-good days, you stumble begging for the light.

Cause your day has been dark and plagued with moments, draining the life out of you.
You're nothing but an empty shell, crying out to be filled again.

you've exhausted your prayers and God, He, seems to be scarce.

He's out of sight, but not out of mind.

Because deep in the dusty crevices of your heart, you know
His promises have been kept quaintly to His word.

You know it to be true, don't you?

You've seen the wilderness before; you've walked the dusty roads
and on into rejoicing.

Because Your Maker, He's always been,
He's always been enough.

His love is never silenced.
It's always singing.

Call out. Cry out.
Awake from your sleep, sweet child.

he'll come.

He always comes.

Those tears you've poured out onto your pillow are counted.
Those cries that have fallen onto deaf ears are heard.
Those struggles are known.
Those hidden pieces of your heart longing for love are seen.

You run.
You run the opposite way.

You run to people.
You runaway.

You run to drink.
You runaway.

You run to an immediate release.
You runaway.

But God runs to you.
He holds out His arms and whispers to you,
"run the opposite way, child.

Give up those things that have a hold on you, because when you run to them,
you're really looking for me.
Only I can fill the empty shells and breathe life to dry bones.
You're empty and oh so broken, but all is not lost.

All never was lost."

I wonder if you hear Him.
Do you hear Him?

I wonder if you feel Him.
Do you feel Him?

I can't imagine the loss you've experienced, the pain you've known, the words you've been dealt.
But your Maker knows all things. He has seen it all and He is ready to redeem you out of your dust.
Stop running the opposite way. Your past has been redeemed. You are loved.

You are loved to the core of your being. The parts of you still crying out for change.
The parts of you that still won't relinquish full control. He loves even those.
He loves all of you.

Run His way. 
He's waiting for you, love. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

worth fighting for

What dreams have you silenced? 

What lies have you received?

What have you done to the whimsical child-like heart of yours 
that used to twirl in the torrents of rain?

Maybe you lost it all, when people that walked in, quietly walked out on you. 

Maybe your heart broke in two, without remedy, when someone didn't fight for you, but you fought to the death for them. 

Nostalgia creeps in the crevices of your heart. 

It reminds you of friendships that were founded on truth, those that held your hand in the darkest hours. 

Emptiness quaintly enters in, and you look for reprieve. 

But times are hard, just when you think they're good, they become harder. They loosen your grip on the mountaintop and cry out for you to surrender, to let go. 

But God of the good days comes ever-so quietly into your bad days. 
He wakes you from your swollen-eyed slumber. 
He steps out of the darkness, to hold you. 

and He doesn't just hold you. He holds your heart. His arms reach around you, to the tips of your fingers, to the beating of your heart and the cries of your soul, and He holds you. 

You don't know how to pray, cause there are certain things that you don't have the answer for, you never will. But God graces you with strength, He graces you with His presence. 

He tells you it's all gonna be okay, one of these days, there will be no more tears, there will be no more fighting- to be known. 

You'll be with Him, and He'll be all you need. 

Depression and death will be conquered. FOREVER CONQUERED. 

Dreams will have their way, because you were made for more. 

You'll enter into a church and you'll be welcomed to tell your story. You'll be told that this time, people are fighting for your dream to become reality. You'll sit with tears standing in those already, swollen eyes of yours, because what you're being told, is something you've searched the depths of the seas for, it's what you've waited for. 

Your dusty prayers and traces of tears from ten years, all had purpose. All those goodbyes that left your heart spent when stepping on the plane, had a purpose. 

Every last thing had a purpose. 

And now you aren't alone fighting for your dream. 
People are leaving the shadows and surrounding you with support. 

People see you. God sees you. 

And maybe those people you poured yourself into, yes, maybe they're gone. 

But child, He sees you. He has you. 

He bottled the tears on your pillow. He kept count. He never lost track. 

The country He made you for, He's taking you there. He is taking you there. 

It's real. 

Stop doubting. He fights for you. He fights for your dream.