Wednesday, March 6, 2013

facing the truth

I’m literally sitting here in my manic mess, but if I have found anything within reason lately, it’s that God doesn’t ask us to keep it all together, when we come to Him.

Instead, He takes us as we are. His arms are outstretched waiting for me to just be still.

He’s waiting for me to sit down.

He’s gently whispering, “sweet daughter of Zion, ignore the clutter of clothes and signs of busyness about your feet, won’t you just be still and come to me. Won’t you sit here for awhile?”

I wonder how many times I don’t heed His gentle whispers. I wonder how many times I clam up from vulnerability because it has been walked on, time and again, by so many. I wonder how many times my heart claims that God, Himself, will refuse and reject me one of these days, that it’s just a matter of time.

I wonder how many times I compare myself to that of my sisters, leading their lives with degree-blessed jobs and raising up the next generation of His children.

I wonder how many times I fall into the lies, that I am not near good enough, not near complete enough, as the next daughter.

But then truth seeps into the dark places, it calls out for my spirit to sit with Him.

And He tells me to lay it all down.

He tells me that I’m good enough.
He tells me that I’m worthy enough.
He whispers that I’m more than enough.

He lets me in on His secret to this period of singleness and helps me acknowledge that my heart wasn’t built to love just that ONE. He tells me that my heart was built to love MANY. My heart was built to love nations and children without being tethered to a soul that pulls me away from love’s cause.

He tells me that even though no one understands what I’m doing.

He gets it. He planned it.

He meets me in my weariness. He meets me in my fear.

His words of truth fall over me and He ever so quietly says, “Precious Daughter, you were made for this. I know many have left you judged and walked away, simply because they adamantly claimed you were leaving the field. But dear one, I know your heart holds all of Mexico, it may be out of sight, but it’s never out of mind. I know that you are here for a reason, and I know that this is preparation for the time that will come, to take you back home to your heart. You weren’t made to meet their expectations, dear girl. Look to me, come sit with me. In time, I’m going to take you home.

You need just be still, Daughter.”

In the past few days, my soul has been reckoned with.
Words of truth have beckoned me forward.

My hands are empty.
I’m very single.

But those things are trivial, in light of the missive that God has spoken over me.

And sometimes that missive means just sitting with Him, in the midst of my mess. Sometimes, that means quietly denouncing that past rejection does anything to define my present. Sometimes, that means the mere action of rising from the covers and leaving the house to travel from one job to the next for a couple more months.

But His faithfulness extends into my present.

I can be still, because of that truth.

I can be content with singleness, because for such a time as this, He’s given me many to love. And loving one would just become a detriment to the cause my heart was built for. 


  1. This was beautiful. I have been experiencing the same thing. My heart is in Uganda but I am here in the US and sometimes it is so hard. People don't get it and they do judge. I just had a conversation last night with a friend about being single and why it is such a blessing right now in my life. We talked about the mess I would be in if I was married or dating someone. Trying to convince someone that doesn't have the same calling as you would take so much work and in the end, you would probably have to choose. I don't want to choose, so I stick with Uganda. Don't worry what others think. This is how God planned it and His plans are far better than anything we could even begin to imagine!

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement! It's always such a blessing to be able to connect with people who understand that our calling isn't something fleeting that can be ignored, but something our hearts must heed.